From Heretics to Heroes

…Leading the Change for the benefit of Global Wellbeing

Written in no particular order, this page serves to introduce my blog posts which highlight significant events along a road less travelled that lead to here … enjoy!

I have happy memories of family farm visits, Dad’s backyard veggie patch and chooks in the old outback dunny, here in suburban Melbourne. However the beginning of my interest in how best to farm and garden began with my introduction to Permaculture.

Discovery of Permaculture whilst living in Perth around the time of its inception in the later 1970s provided my inspiration for living.

Around twenty years later, [and twenty years ago], being introduced to family history research by my sister-in-law, Beverly, has provided further meaning to my life.

I began my first farming enterprise in 1987 and along the way I’ve discovered farming is in my genes…

‘Permaculture – A Designers Manual’ authored by the co-originator of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, in 1988, is still the definitive.

More recently, a book written by Bill in 1974, informed me of my ancestors’ association with, and intermarriage within, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, providing validation I am on the right journey … this life.

2019 is the year I’m officially adding Writer to my CV… stay tuned for more.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy my post: Bill Mollison

Sense of Place

My Indigenous Cultural lessons began in 2010 when I moved to the north of North Central Victoria, within Barapa Barapa country, to live on land which is steeped in Cultural History.


I am also an active advocate for Food Sovereignty – our right to eat real food produced ethically and naturally – and for the regulatory changes still needed, especially around meat processing facilities [read post] and sales outlets for those unable to sell their produce in-person [read post].

Time has taught that it’s not just the brilliant communicators and connectors who bring the change, but we, as the quieter advocates and supporters, are essential. So join the conversation, get involved and share the processes we want in place moving forward.